Vreasy is becoming part of FantasticStay

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” — African Proverb

I hope you are well in these turbulent times. While it’s not easy for any of us in the property management business or for the technology providers that power it, I wanted to share the exciting news that we reached an agreement to acquire Vreasy! Martin and team have done a marvellous job creating and successfully managing Vreasy’s product and world-class team for many years and winning many great customers. We couldn’t be happier about the opportunity to work with all of them.

What are the immediate effects from this deal?

  • We will continue running Vreasy.com as is. No immediate impact.
  • As we did previously with the FantasticStay users and customers, we waived ALL software fees for the next 3 months for Vreasy.com, effective April 1st. We understand that we have to deal with an unprecedented crisis affecting our sector and want to ensure that we support Vreasy users, as well as FantasticStay users, and their business with what is in our control as a technology provider.
  • All of the people of Vreasy’s customer-facing team remains the same and they will be joining our team. They will continue to work with our entire user base. Martin and team will be helping us make a smooth transition.
  • All of the people of Vreasy’s technical team will also remain part of the our newly emerged Fantastic team. They will continue to work with our existing teams to help empower our vision of providing the greatest tools for vacation rental managers and hosts.

What’s next?

For some years now we have been building our software on this simple principle – it should be directly instrumental in helping the property managers using it grow their business. It started as an instrument to successfully grow our own vacation rental business and that has always been in its DNA. Going forward, I want to assure you that our mission remains unchanged – as the effective breadth of our combined offering will only expand the considerable assets of FantasticStay. We will simply have more resources to continue building products that delight our customers by bringing great value to them. 

As a final note, I want to thank the entire Vreasy team, the entire FantasticStay team, to Martin, Sibylle and Vassil personally – I’m glad we managed to forge a new bond that hopefully will enrich many people and users around the world.

Lastly, but not least – to every single FantasticStay user and customer. I sincerely wish that you and your families stay healthy and positive. This crisis, like all of the ones before will pass too and I am confident that we will emerge stronger together. Without you, none of this would be possible.

Onward and upward!

Thank you,
Ivan & team