Unified Inbox

Unified Inbox gathers your entire communication history with guests from multiple Airbnb accounts and other vacation rental platforms.

No more logins to different websites and accounts!
Take your Guest communication to the next level with Automated Messages and Saved Replies.

Say Hello to a brighter future
for your guest communication!

All of your communication threads neatly organized

Have all your conversation threads from different channels and your own website synchronized and running on a single platform!

No more logins to different accounts and websites, no more juggling emails. Simply one inbox to rule them all.

Effortless communication with custom tags

Your team’s time is valuable, so filter your threads with custom tags to simplify communication.

Cut down on repetition and prioritize follow-up to deliver outstanding experiences. Search communications for a particular guest, browse by listing, and more.

One multi-user friendly platform

With multi-user logins, you can see who sent each message and when. You can even add an owner login.

Want to use the same custom signature on every message to a guest? With internal notes, you can have multiple receptionists respond to the same guest and share comments without the guest knowing. Your guest will think he’s talking to the same person for his entire stay, day or night.

Want to see FantasticStay in action?

We offer free and premium plans. Depending on your plan, some third party apps and integrations may be paid add-ons

(such as payment processing in the free plan)

For a detailed comparison between your options, please refer to our Pricing page. 

** 24/7/365 guest communication service available as an add-on