Payment Processing

Integrate our fully-automated payment processing* system, and let it make money for you!

Collect accommodation charges, security deposits, and other reservation-related fees easily, reliably, and automatically.

Set charges to accumulate under a guest’s reservation, and securely debit or refund at any time based on your company’s policy.

Choose payment type

Our comprehensive, fully automated payment processing system supports both accommodation fare charges and security deposits. You can choose whether to charge, pre-authorize or even issue a refund.

Choose when (Trigger)

We support charges at every stage of a reservation – at confirmation, days before or after check-in or check-out, when a reservation is modified, or even upon cancellation.

Additional rules (Filters)

Want even more control? With our payment Automation, you can apply filters to different payment rules for different booking sources, capture partial payments at different times, and even set parameters for when a payment fails.

Get Payment notifications

Stay in control of your payments by setting email notifications for successful payments, declined payments, or both.

Guest notifications in their language

Send automated message to your guests in their native language on the booking channel for successful payments, payment failures, and refunds. Add a memo line for their credit card statements, amounts, and any other transaction related data.

Full control over every automatic payment

Have full control over all scheduled Automations, including payments, tasks, and reservation automations. You can even disable a scheduled Automation at the reservation level.

Multiple Payment Integrations

We support Stripe. More coming soon!

Comprehensive transaction data

Track all payments and their status by reservation on a single dashboard.

Issue refunds

Issue refunds from the platform in just a few clicks


Want to make security deposits easy? Capture a pre-authorization, or collect a payment with an automated refund at a later date. If you find any damage, you can capture payments immediately from within our system.

Want to see FantasticStay in action?

* We offer free and premium plans. Depending on your plan, some third party apps and integrations may be paid add-ons

(such as payment processing in the free plan)

For a detailed comparison between your options, please refer to our Pricing page. 

** 24/7/365 guest communication service available as a paid add-on.