How to Lend Out a Whole Building in a Single Listing?

Amy has 8 units in the same building. She advertises each one of those units individually. That way Amy’s listings are being shown in the search results along with hundred others answering the needs of the most common travellers’ groups – 1 to 4 people. Amy, however, wants to expand her reach and she wants to be able to advertise all of her 8 units as one.

Being able to simultaneously advertise all of her units as one listing that can accommodate approximately 32 guests, will get Amy’s reservations from a very low-competition segment of the OTAs searches. There is a big difference in the search results when you’re looking for accommodation for 2 guests, comparing to the results you get when searching for accommodation for 32 guests (see the example below). But how can Amy do that?

The Smart Calendar Rules allows property managers to manage their listings availability, automatically, while targeting a larger audience.

One property, multiple listings

If you want to be able to cast your net wider, you can set up a Smart Calendar Rule and advertise multiple listings for the same property. As for example, Amy can advertise her 8 units in the following ways:

  • 2 listings with 4 units – each one able to accommodate 16 guests
  • 8 individual listings – accommodating from 1 to 4 guests
  • One listing for all 8 units – accommodating 32 guests
  • …and so on and so forth


Always in sync

To prevent the chance of double bookings, your calendars, pricing, and availability are always in sync. If someone books 1 individual listing for 2 guests, then the calendar for the big listing that can accommodate 32 guests instantly becomes unavailable. And in the best case scenario of someone booking the big listing, all listings of units that are included in the big one are immediately synced to unavailable.

The good news is that you can create as many rules as you like and increase your chance of getting more bookings.

The more the merrier

When Amy set up her Smart Calendar rules, she’ll get ahead of her competition as she’ll be able to reach more people and different audiences.

Take a look at the difference between searching for a room for 2 guests and searching for 4+ bedrooms for 16 guests:




Smart Calendar Rules benefits for property managers:


As you can see on the screenshots above, there are far fewer listings in the results when you search for 8 bedrooms, comparing to 300+ listings when searching for 1 room only for 2 guests. By setting up different rules, you increase the opportunity your listings to be shown in more results and therefore reach more people and get more bookings.

Increase in revenue

Well, that’s a simple math. Of course, you’ll make more profit with a reservation for 32 guests. Having full flexibility over your listings and how you advertise them is a real win when it comes down to the money you’ll make.

Efficient management

Who doesn’t love automations? The Smart Calendar is fully automated and you don’t need to manually update your calendars each time a new reservation comes in. You have all of your reservations data searchable in one place, always synchronized.

How to use the Smart Calendar Rules

Thanks to the Smart Calendar Rules, you have direct control over how your listings are linked to each other and making sure that your calendars are blocked appropriately.

  • Combo listings – the listing that includes all units
  • Related listings – all the listings that form the combo listing (in our example, those are all 8 units)

To sum things up: The calendars are tied together with the Smart Calendar Rules, regardless of how you set them up. If the combo listing receives a new booking, the calendars of all related listings will get blocked right away, automatically, so it will be impossible to get a double booking. If you receive a new booking for any of the related listings, the combo listing will become unavailable to accept bookings, while all other related listings will still accept new reservations for the same dates.

The Smart Calendar Rules are the ultimate property management solution for a boost in reach, growth, and profit.

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