How to grow number of returning guests using a PMS?

Тhe days when guests’ positive reviews were built only on amenities are over!

Reality is now different targeting new and demanding audience – the passionate millennials.

Thus, property business needs to adapt to “having it their way” from attitude to travel, looking for booking options, staying in certain locations or their review scores.

Article published in Forbes in 2015, notes that the generation, born from 1981 to 1997, numbers 80 million and that they spend an annual $600 billion. By 2020, they could account for $1.4 trillion in spending or 30% of total retail sales.

Rules of the game for PMC’s have changed with these new guests, who basically also live online.

Hence, if your listings are not there, backed up with nice photos and quick response rates,  then you don’t exist and you’ll never be noticed.


So why do you need a PMS to increase the number of returning guests?

It can get your entire vacation rental business 100% online and upscale visibility

The right PMS enables all business and operations, including customer support and retention to step into the online space. There’s no physical dimension that can offer PM professionals to get all listings from various rental platforms and their calendars in a single dashboard.

It is really fast in dealing with your daily operations

For a PM, who mostly fills his day with answering booking inquiries, this might feel really handy. Watch this work for you when the timing gets crucial and listings get really busy. You will not only notice a difference but make it a tangible one!

It can help you maintain that extra personal touch in communication

Be proactive in asking for your guests’ feedback and find out what they liked or didn’t like during their stay. Assist immediately when some young couple had a change in flight or need of early check-in. Improve your service based on their feedback and make sure you ask for it! Never leave without expressing your gratitude with a nice “Thank you” message.

A good PMS will definitely offer a viable solution, ranging from answering machine feature, saved replies, message triggers, or customizable templates.

It gives you plenty of options to make communication sustainable

A PMS platform will help you out immensely in enhancing the number of returning guests by sending out special offers or discount offers to your most devoted and frequent guests. If you have a low season situation or perhaps a gap in occupancy for a top listing, you can quickly contact previous guests directly. Make them an offer they can’t refuse and create benefits for all parties.

Final Thoughts

If you want to secure your returning guests flow from millennials, you have to be equipped to strike back to their tech-savviness. Plan and organize all your listings and make sure calendars are sync accordingly, just as your abilities to be available 24/7. Invest in a PMS platform to help you deal with your guest’s constant online presence and be prepared for late night replies or emergency travel situations.

Learn to play their way and this will gain you the rest!

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