Execute all the steps of the Check-In process with the new Check-In Forms

FantasticStay is thrilled to spread the world about its newest creation, the Check-in Form. The Check-in Form is an innovative automation feature designed to speed up and simplify the coordination emails regarding the check-in process for both the property manager and the guest.

What is the Check-in Form?

The Check-In Form automatically collects your guests’ contact details, credit card information & ID verification data. It is an online form that you send to your guests to fill in before their arrival. That way, you have all the check-in details stored under the reservation in your FantasticStay dashboard.

Why is it important?

Rather than sending the same message to your guests over and over again, asking them about their check-in details, you can create your Check-In Form and have it sent to your guests automatically each time a new reservation comes in.

One of the main benefits of the Check-In Form is that allows you to scan your guests’ credit card & ID. Having those documents scanned will reduce the possibility of any fraud to happen. You can check them in advance and make sure they are real and matching.

In the Check-In Form, you can also include your Terms & Conditions and ask your guests to sign them as an agreement prior to their arrival.

How does the Check-in Form works?

You have the full flexibility to create as many forms as you like, or you can create a universal form that you can use for all of your guests, that’s completely up to you.

There are five pre-designed pages (contact information, scan your ID card, payment card information, scan your payment card & terms & conditions agreement) that you can use and customize with your own company’s logo.

Once you receive a new reservation and you want to send the Check-In form to your guests, you just need to find the reservation in your FantasticStay dashboard and choose the form you want to send. You’ll be then given a link, which you need to share with the guests so that they can complete their arrival details. You can also automate this process using our triggers and filters to choose in which case you want the form to be sent out.

All the information that the guests fill in the form, including the changes, will be automatically saved in the reservation and you can later update all the details accordingly. You can use the collected data with any of the other FantasticStay automations.


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