Check in Forms – modern solution to credit & ID card frauds

Presently, the impact of fraud in the single and multi-family rental industry is not only substantial but showing signs of expansion. This goes hand in hand with the fast growth of the vacation rental business enabled by the OTAs and the global reach they facilitate.

The argument is backed up with a recent study done in August 2018, commissioned by TransUnion and revealing there is a significant impact of frauds on property management companies. The study shows that every eight out of 10 property professionals have been affected by fraud, but due to the emerging nature of the problem they are not well equipped to manage the issue.

So what can be a potential remedy to this recurring issue?

Property managers who are facing fast growth are in need of better corresponding technology to flag any potential frauds from the first warning signs. As this is strategic to the success of any property management business, the facilitation of suitable online tools addressing it might be crucial to business sustainability.

And how specifically can it help you?

Having the ability to get ID/passport data and credit card details as soon as possible, especially in the timeline of an incoming reservation, also allows you to secure better your property from the potentially detrimental consequences of having tenants with shady intentions staying at your property.

You can secure the successful booking for each of your listing reservations, once you can receive instant credit card and ID card data and quickly verify its validity. And since this whole process is entirely mobile, there is almost seamless flow of data back to the PMS, without the need for extra conversations.

Check-in Wizard is the easiest way to make all the above possible in only a few steps. It is fully customizable and mobile and can be branded with your company’s logo.

If you’re curious to learn more on how Check-in form can benefit your specific listings just follow the link below:

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