7 Benefits of Unified Inbox

unified inbox benefits

Dealing with an overwhelming amount of messages on a daily basis is a reality in the property manager work life. Each day tons of messages coming from different vacation rental channels are wasting at least 4 hours of your daily workflow. Why wasting this time switching between accounts and apps when you can unify them into one and access all of your messages at any time and on any device?

The solution? The Unified Inbox combines the messages you receive across the various vacation rental channels and accounts you’re using, and also your emails.

A Unified Inbox is a lifesaver for every property manager. If you’re still not convinced about it, discover these 7 benefits of having and using a Unified Inbox for your vacation rental business:  

Communication threads neatly organized in one place

Access your entire communication history with your guests in one place. No matter how many channels you’re using, or how many accounts you have, the communication thread with each one of your guests will be neatly organized in one system and you’ll be able to reply to messages without having to leave one platform.

If you have a dedicated team of people responsible to answer your messages and queries, the Unified Inbox will help each one of your team members or you keep track of everything that has been sent from all of your accounts across different channels.

unified inbox benefits

Effective time management

Every property manager will understand the struggle of trying to manage your time between the increasing amount of platforms. By having a unified inbox, you’ll free up valuable time from jumping from one platform to another.

You can even save more time by setting up messages templates, automating messages, and creating saved replies.

unified inbox benefits

Improve the response rate and response time

Nowadays, customers expect to get a response to their questions instantly. Improving your response time and lowering your response rate must be a priority for your vacation rental business.

P.S. Airbnb rewards hosts who reply to their guests in under an hour. Your response rate can impact your position in the search results and thus you can get more bookings.

unified inbox benefits

Stay on the right track

Each one of your team members, including you, will always know how to continue the conversation with each guest. How? Everyone can see who was the person that responded to the previous message and if there’s something specific about it, you can all leave each other internal notes to make the communication process even better.

unified inbox benefits

Increased productivity

You and your team spend unnecessary time switching between platforms and this extra effort often leads to reduced productivity. By having all of your messages stored in one place, you can all benefit from eliminating this time-consuming repetitive task.

Moreover, you and your team can make better & informed decision thanks to the fact that all communications are being searchable and available in a single place. Being up-to-date with the latest communication history is vital so you and your team don’t get messages and answers mixed up.

unified inbox benefits

Make every guest happy

When you’re using multiple vacation rental channels, messages often slip through the cracks. You know, neglecting your guests’ questions won’t make them happy. To make sure that each one of your guests has been taken care of, collect them in just one place.

unified inbox benefits

Deliver a better, unified guest experience

Providing a unified experience for your guests is the new way of doing a vacation rental business right. By having a unified inbox, you can store and use guests’ information to offer a personalized response to every inquiry, no matter where the interaction takes place.

unified inbox benefits

Seriously, what are you waiting for? If you don’t unify your inboxes now, then when?

It’s all about efficiency, reducing stress, saving time and efforts and improving your overall quality of work and life. At FantasticStay, we offer you the solution to your needs. If you want to learn more about our Unified Inbox or any other feature, sign up here to get a FREE demo

unified inbox benefits

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