Want to slash the time you spend managing your multiple listings? Well then look no further than Automations!

Grow your Airbnb and vacation rental business by automating repetitive operations.

Free your time for what matters most, and scale your estate management business to new heights.

Automated Messages

Streamline your communication threads with guests, staff, and homeowners by using automated messages.

Get your messages delivered by email, SMS*, or the channel messenger, and see them all in one place.

Choose when to send (Trigger)

Timing is crucial. With Triggers, you have the freedom to chose when to trigger an automated message. Send your guests a message when a reservation is confirmed, before check-out, or even a review reminder once they're gone. You can control it all.

Choose additional criteria (Filters)

Set up additional criteria for your messages, and segment your communications infinitely to fit your needs. With Filters, you'll have the means to cover all scenarios

Choose recipient

Send Automated messages to your guests, staff, homeowners, investors or yourself.

Choose the method of delivery

Each Automated Message can be sent as a channel message, an SMS*, or an email. The choice is yours.

Customize your messages

Our system supports dynamic variables - short codes for important system information including guest first name, check-in date, and listing address. You can use the same templates across different listings and the variables will do the rest. Talk about efficiency!

Have full control of Automated Messages

Every Reservation will show you all of the scheduled Automated messages. At any point, you can edit or abort an Automation execution.

More FantasticStay Automation features include:

Communication tools

Answering machine

Airbnb rewards hosts who reply to their guests in under an hour. What if you could answer every guest message instantly, even while you sleep?

Answering Machine is your dream come true!

Communication tools

Inquiries Automation

Send an Automated message to your guests only if you didn’t personally reply within a certain timeframe (e.g. 10 minutes)

Communication tools

Reservation Automation

Send automated messages directly to your guests before, during, or after their stay.

With customizable day, time, and delay functions, you can send automated messages whenever you like.


Email Grabber

Build an email database of past, current, and future guests and market and re-market activities, promotions, and new properties and locations.

Email Grabber sends an automated message asking your guest for a personal email address. Once the guest replies with his actual email address, Email Grabber will automatically detect the email address and save it under the guest profile.

Auto Reviews

Use Auto Reviews to automatically leave personalized reviews for your guests. Save time and avoid the unnecessary hassle of writing repetitive content.

Setup AutoReview time and ratings

Choose when you would want a review to be posted on Airbnb and with what rating.

Set up personalized templates

Leave glorious public reviews. Offer your guests a discount on their next stay, privately, to drive bookings. Use dynamic variables for further personalization.

Control your Auto Reviews

Not all of your guests deserve 5 star reviews. Each reservation’s Auto Review can be edited or aborted before it’s posted to Airbnb or any other supported channel.

Want to see FantasticStay in action?

We offer free and premium plans. Depending on your plan, some third party apps and integrations may be paid add-ons

(such as payment processing in the free plan)

For a detailed comparison between your options, please refer to our Pricing page. 

* SMS text messages are available as a paid add-on.

** 24/7/365 guest communication service available as a paid add-on.