A brand new look & improved functionality of the Unified Inbox

We have just released a new design of one of our best features, the Unified Inbox.

Guest communication is one of the most important aspects for every property manager. As professional property managers ourselves, we strive to deliver the best Unified Inbox out there so that our clients can have a flawless communication process with their guests.

The new design includes a rearranged layout that is more user-friendly. You can now navigate around the Unified Inbox easier than before.

We designed the new look of the Unified Inbox having WhatsApp and Facebook messenger in mind. We know that you’re familiar with those and you even often use the first one to communicate with your guests. That’s why we designed it to be as close as possible to something you already know.  

The new mobile version is more responsive, faster and better looking.

Upon opening the Unified Inbox, be it on your desktop or phone, you can directly see the most essential details about the reservation – the listing that the reservation applies to, the dates of the reservation and the channel where the reservation is coming from.

On the desktop version, you can also see how much money you’ll earn from this reservation and the applied statuses. On the mobile version, you can find those details in the third tab, where is all the information about the listing and the reservation.

Generally, the new design of the Inbox is separated into three sections:

  • Left section – the list of all of your messages
  • Central section – the communication thread tab
  • Right section – here you’ll find all the listing and reservation information

On the desktop version, you can hide the third tab if you’d like to. That way, you’ll have the communication thread with the guest at a bigger screen.

On top of all that, you no longer need to refresh the page to check if you have received a new message. Any new messages will pop up on your page instantly.

New order and positions

You can now pre-approve inquiries, send Special Offer or a Saved reply & add a status straight from the text box.

Before, all the new messages used to show up at the top of the communication thread with the guests. You can now find the new messages on the bottom of the communication thread.