24/7 Guest Communication

Our team of receptionists is available around the clock and is dedicated to delivering an exceptional experience at every stage of the reservation cycle.

Let us do the talking!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We’ve seen thousands of reservations, so we know the questions guests ask the most. Complete our initial FAQ questionnaire, and let us handle the rest.

Saved replies

If we don’t know something, we’ll ask you and save the responses for future reference.

Guest screening

Share your screening parameters with us, and we’ll screen your potential guests for you. We can connect you with guests that match your criteria before approving reservations.

Customize signatures

Customize the way our receptionists sign off and interact with your guests. Choose how the sender is presented, be it as an agent of FantasticStay, friend, co-host, or yourself.

Want to see FantasticStay in action?

We offer free and premium plans. Depending on your plan, some third party apps and integrations may be paid add-ons

(such as payment processing in the free plan)

For a detailed comparison between your options, please refer to our Pricing page. 

** 24/7/365 guest communication service available as a paid add-on.